James Louis Walls.  

March  8, 1945  -  May 3, 1971 at age 26  


Born :  in Langleyfield, Virginia                
Entered Fire Department :
May 5, 1969 
Duty :
Fire Fighter at Station # 51  
Buried :
  Memorial Oaks Cemetery, Section 7, Plot 61, Space 2 

The name Walls has long since gained notoriety for being the first Houston Fire Fighter killed while working on an ambulance. The Houston Fire Department Emergency Medical Service was in its infant stage and the ambulances that were in service were small four-wheel delivery vans. The vans proved to be very vulnerable. Walls was driving Ambulance 51 through the intersection of Chimney Rock and Westheimer when he was hit broadside by a passenger vehicle. The van flipped upside down, causing James Walls’ fatal injuries. The accident investigation revealed that the size of the van proved to be a contributing factor in the death of James Walls.

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